About Us

P&D Studios offers a wide range of digital services to our customers in South Texas and the Texas Hill Country.  We do video, animation, audio, photography, graphic design, social, and web for all sorts of amazing people and groups – artists, musicians, athletes, chefs, fundraisers, brides, grooms, silver citizens with a story to tell – all at very reasonable rates.

Our Fearless Leader (ha!) is an IT Professional who recently retired after 35 years.  He’s truly enjoying his second career as a creative after all those endless meetings and mindless PowerPoints… 

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Contact us at peteranddebbiestudios@gmail.com  for more information

Latest Project

Our latest project is a foray into original music composition and recording. When I was in my teens and early 20s, I played the guitar ’round the clock and wrote songs of all types. I put the guitar down when I started my career, but in retirement I dusted off my old journals from back in the day and began to reacquaint myself with the person I was back then by learning and recording the songs I wrote. I had no recordings of the originals, so had to imagine what they sounded like based on the descriptions in my journals. I started this project in mid-January, and called it “Conversations With My Teenage Self”. To learn more about the project and to listen the songs, go here.