About Us

P&D Studios offers a wide range of digital services to our customers in South Texas and the Texas Hill Country.  We do video, animation, audio, photography, graphic design, social, and web for all sorts of amazing people and groups – artists, musicians, athletes, chefs, fundraisers, brides, grooms, silver citizens with a story to tell – all at very reasonable rates.

Our Fearless Leader (ha!) is an IT Professional who recently retired after 35 years of corporate skullduggery.  He’s truly enjoying his second career as a creative after all those endless meetings and mindless PowerPoints… 

Hit up our Gallery to see recent projects we’ve worked on. One item we specialize in is tribute videos.

Contact us at peteranddebbiestudios@gmail.com  for more information

Latest Project

Our latest project is a collaboration with Texas photographer (and good friend) Mark Schnur. It combines his photography with a soundtrack I composed to tell the story of the year he spent as an Army reservist in Afghanistan in 2003. The final product is a half hour documentary called Ancient Lands, Eternal Souls – The Year I Spent in Afghanistan. This film has been submitted to festivals across Texas.