Cadet Creed

In July of 2023 I participated on a team in the San Antonio 48 Film Project. This was the first 48 Hour competition I was ever part of, and I found the whole experience to be unbelievably exhilarating. The team was directed by my niece Caitlyn Rodriguez, who was only 16 at the time. She wrote the script, and called all the shots including final cut. I did the camera work and the video and sound editing, and composed a (very) short original song for one of the scenes. Given the quality of our equipment (poor) and the experience of our cast and crew (no one had ever done a 48 Hour before), I am very proud of the results. We expended the version we submitted to the contest and cleaned up the sound, and this new version is currently being submitted to the film festival circuit in Texas and beyond. You can follow the film on social media at @cadetcreedfilm.

Watch the edited version of the film with additional scenes and improved sound.